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He enjoyed his first day at the Beach. Too cold to dip in but not too cold to tease the waves.

Today – pouring rain. I was all set to go to war with this pest…


The weather is perfect and the ground is covered with the slime but it is too cold and too wet for me this evening to even think about going outside.

I am working too much…


…and trying very hard to hold on to this thought.

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Work or pleasure

I enjoyed my 12 hour Sunday shift in the nice weather. Always nice to serve customers in summer mode.

He spent the weekend fishing in Femundsmarka…


Not so sure if the title is justified with no fish and Taco for dinner :)

Happy Birthday tormorrow Tor Helge !

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July 4 2015

I have been at work this sunny but windy Saturday. Where else? But I did find time to make a page for Tor Magnus`s album…


Their mum and dad just bought them selves a new cabin in the mountains this month and sent this pic earlier today…


Yes – another place with a scary road to drive. Me not driving there but I wish them all the luck with their new place :)

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Summer and everyday life

I went back to work Thursday evening and didn`t get back home before 12 hours later…


So much to do and so little time. I slept for four hours and was back at work at 6pm – working to midnight. I missed out on the first real summer day with temperatures reaching 28C. Almost too warm for us so far North. It certainly was too warm for the machines at work that needed cooling down with firehose. So thankful for today`s evening shift :) (And today`s rain).

If I was young again I would rather climb the tops in Lofoten like the traveller in the family have done this week…


I have only seen the tops from the ground. I did visit Lofoten in my youth but climbing the tops never crossed my mind so I guess it has nothing to do with age :)


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More doodling


Perfect to add to the back of my May prompt – One little Word since the July prompt didn`t speak to me. Using text from songs to visualize my word is not for me. I can`t remember a song lyric if my life depends on it.

And yes – it is almost time to start the count down for summer vacation…


…or maybe it is too soon to start dreaming about beaches and cold beer?

In the meantime I am going back to work this evening so today is not a good day for dreams like this :)

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