This weekend assignment

At Apartment Therapy…

This Weekend’s Assignment: Do or make something special — however small — for the people you love and like most in this world.

Perfect – although unintended :)


I have guests this weekend and they came in the door with a plan. They wanted to bake. I never bake so I have no advice to offer but they made a list and went shopping.


So far so good.


Second try…

24352654454_bf04dc4291_b (1)

…and they are still happy.

Let us forget the first two tries and move on to the third…


The third batch looked ok…


…but I never should have left them to work with the sprinklers alone…


The kitchen is clean again and they are slowly moving toward the beds. They are happy, I am happy and we are all looking forward to sleep…

24956934226_4a8c07280d_b (1)

How do I know if the dough is okay or not :)

She got hot chocolate over her fingers…



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Almost weekend

Updating my PC is not my favorite thing to do. In one moment you know it all and in the next moment you know nothing. Everything is slowing down. I will get over it – soon I hope. At least I am ready for a visit from this young lady…


This is eight years ago but she hasn`t changed that much. Let`s just say that I did not clean the house before this weekend. She does have a taste for messing things up and getting her way :) Still – looking forward having her and her friend here.

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Lots of scrapbooking

I spent four hours scrapbooking pages for Elin Marie`s album today…


Simple pages…


She is the one with two albums created back in the days when I had no idea what I was doing…


…and I kind of feel a little bad about those pages…


Trying very hard to be creative :)

So four hours being very productive and the next thing I know it is all white outside. Again. This winter seems to be coming and going, coming and going…


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Practice every day

I am doing good with my practice every day this month – smoke less and read more, but I almost forgot to read today…

…I remembered just in time for bed😀

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Scrapbooking or embroidery

Thinking about going from scrapbooking to embroidery…


…but first I need glasses :)

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