A Project for the future

…I have this place. My cabin in the woods…


…built in 1970 and renovated in 1999.


Right now I am thinking – maybe 2015 is a good year for an upgrade.


There is only one bedroom and it is small. There are absolutely no place for storage.

The bathroom is small but okay. Right now I wish there was a tub :)


Me – the lover of all white can`t wait to paint it all white :)


I want a new kitchen and I need a new chimney…


A new entrance and more space.

A project for the future but not so far future anymore.

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One Down – two to go

A good day at work. Even if I messed up setting my wake up call and was out of bed at 4 am. No wonder I had to give in and crawl up on the sofa when I came home…


I slept for two hours. Maybe I will be able to stay awake for the first episode of the Easter crime series on tv tonight :)

Coming home from work I could almost smell spring. Roads and footpaths were about to be swept and washed. A sure sign of spring…


Almost like a change in the air.

Trying to figure out what to do with myself for five days with no work…


Maybe a little scrapbooking?

Or I could focus on Susannah Conways April Challenge – April Love 2015.

Sign up and you will have an email every day with a prompt to be inspired by…


Not so sure I have the imagination to follow every prompt but that is one of the things I love about Susannah – you don`t have to do them all :)

The prompts are an invitation to take a photo every day in April. You can use any camera. You could shoot every day or every other day or just on weekends. You can share your photos or just enjoy taking them without sharing. You can start and not finish. You can join in at the end.

This evening I`m doing nothing. Just resting up for the next two days at work.

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Welcome Summertime

Maybe not so much summertime outside…


…and maybe not so much to look forward to this Easter…


…but an unstable weather forecast can be a good thing  and either way there is summertime inside…


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Palm Sunday – March 29 2015

The weekend before Easter has special meaning for me. This weekend 26 years ago my mother came to bed and found my father unconscious. He died 6 weeks later – never being conscious again. He was 63 years old.


Palm Sunday 10 years ago my mother stop breathing in front of us. She was 73 years old.


She dies Palm Sunday March 20 2005. She was born March 29 1932 and buried March 29 2015.

I never remember their date of death but I always feel their present this weekend before Easter – the Palm weekend. Not with sadness but with love.



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Apartment Therapy Weekend Project

This Weekend: Get Your Grout Looking Like New

I am not so sure if I will use tiles at all in my next project. I am just saying. I never had any trouble With the grout in the old Kitchen. Just spray and wipe – clean and shiny. For some reason I thought I could add something to the grout making it easy to maintain. Not so. Now – what ever I do in the kitchen I am thinking: watch the grout :)

Coffee is my worst enemy…


Of course. I don`t like the coffee cold so half of it goes down the drain and I do make at least five pots a day. (At home). That is a lot of splashing. During the dark hours of winter I just don`t see those tiny spots and I don`t get to them in time to clean up before they dry and fester.

Today was a perfect day to attack with perfect daylight I could see them all…


In the end I had to dip a cotton swab in bleach to get the last stain.

So glad I finally got to do this.

With the Perfect daylight I also wiped down the rest of the kitchen…


I love the high luster kitchen cabinets but I am not so sure about those handles. They needs a lot of care to look good. An every day project :)


Always fingerprints.


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