The last long weekend this May

This weekend photo enthusiasts from all over the country are gathered in the village and we would have liked nicer weather for this happening.

Outside my window right now…


It is cold, wet, windy and the snow made everything perfect – lovely spring weekend:)

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A soon to be birthday boy

When he wakes up tomorrow morning he is six years old…


…and he is a soon to be schoolboy.

Happy Birthday Tor Magnus!


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Staying focused

I am still focused on organizing the photo files from 2013 and 2014…


Lot of cuteness and stuff like this…


There got to be a place for this :)

So still focused (or maybe obsessed is a better word) and I just realized I skipped baby Anton`s christening in January 2014. Ok – one more day.

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Library of Memories – May 2015

I honestly believed I would be done organizing 2013 and 2014 before January 2015 but I am still working with this. I have been stuck in front of the computer for hours and hours lately and I was sure I could see the end since I was working with December 2014.

But then…


…one more giant file :)

That is okay because I am not stopping before I am done.

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Love is in the air (on the roof)

Self Explorations | Day 20 – Today, we discover our Love Language.

I`m not so sure I have a love language and I don`t have time to take the quiz today but these two certainly have a love language…


They have been going at it all weekend and just as I thought they were done they are at it again. They have the nest ready and since I am too squeamish to prevent them from nesting I get to enjoy the ride – again. This is the fourth year they try. So far no baby bird hasĀ  survived. But they do rule my roof all summer long – again :)

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