December Daily | Day 18

So close that I can start the real countdown, 5 more days of work – 5 busy days.

Around here another dark and wet December day. In Trondheim baby Anton got to take the bus to kindergarten because¬†-13C is too cold for a long walk for this little guy. I am sure the bus-ride was exiting…


Trondheim is known for their handsome men with elegant mustaches and of course baby Anton need one of these…



He also learned a lesson today. Resist or serve?


His dad hoped he had the guts to attack first or at least fight back:) All part of the socializing?




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December Daily | Day 17

I had guests today.

These two have never forgiven their grandfather for giving me the x-Box…


She was busy cleaning out my stash of stamps, paper and embellishment. They have to stay in their after school program Monday and Tuesday so she had made plans for card making. Of course she knew her old aunt would have some stash to share.

We made some deals this weekend. I have always wanted a round table in the Kitchen and my nephew bought one from IKEA this summer. He was not happy about his purchase and was offering it for half the prize. My brother needed new chairs right now and offered to take mine. A few days before Christmas is a perfect time for this move :)

Today the chairs arrived…


And yes…that yellow rug is being moved from one room to another…


I bet it will be in a different room before Christmas :) and I will need some time before I am sure I will be happy with a round table…



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December Daily | Day 16

Another Tuesday, another stressful day at work, another 12000 steps. At the end of the day all I could do was to climb in to the bathtub and forget all about Christmas.

We keep dreaming about a white Christmas…


Although the weather forecast says no…


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December Daily | Day 15

Did you know we have two kinds of Santa in Norway? Actually we have three.

We have the red ones…


…blue ones…


…and right now they are they can`t agree on who owns this season`s bluberries. Because blueberries are essential. The red ones need blueberries for good health and the blue ones needs it for making “the blue hour”.

How to agree? Well – they have to seek advice from the grey Santa and that is a challenging adventure they have to make together.

I am so easily entertained.


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December Daily | Day 14

The third Sunday in advent…


In Trondheim baby Anton is about to find out what December is all about – gifts, food and decorations…

This looks like a fun thing to play with…


Okay…mom says no so I better get my bottle and pacifier and sneak away…


If I don`t listen anyway…


Now…if I could figure out how to get out of here…


I am sure he did find out. Quite resourceful at that age :)

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