Welcome March

 In the transition between winter and spring


The seventh day of the week is “New recipe day”…


400 kilogram dried salt cod – diluted and 600 kilogram potatoes.

Ready to make Baccalao…


Red and yellow peppers, onion, garlic, red chili, tomato puree and canned chopped tomatoes. Salt and pepper. To smooth out the sharp tomato taste - a little sugar and a carrot.

So far so good. Then a moment of anxiety – I couldn`t find the recipe. I did remember what but not the how :) Not much I could do about that other than moving on.

All ready after 90 min covered up in the oven at 200C…


…and it turned out just Perfect.

No scrapbooking and no cleaning today. My back has been giving me trouble this week so I did not want to jinx the situation. Just leaning back and enjoying Petter Northug going for another gold medal in Falun.



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The last layout in February 2015

He is the youngest of three and he has waited a long time for him to be four so he could get his “four-year book” from our Church…


A tradition we have learned to love. Going up the floor all alone at four can be a challenge but with an older sister who love to be in focus you don`t need to do it alone…


I did not trust myself to make this last layout when I come home from work 15 hours from now so I made mine this morning before going to work. It would be awful to miss the last day in the LOAD Challenge after making one layout every day in February :)

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Almost weekend

Tomorrow will be the third 12-hour shift this week so all in all this will be just an “almost weekend” :)

Still – I have made my daily layout this evening…


This boy can do more than playing and taking apart computers.

Right now for me – a little snack and then bed.

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Empty piggy bank and a new computer

It must be amazing to be eight. To reid your piggy bank and invest in your first computer…


So many things have changed because I was 38 when I bought my first computer and I needed more money than what was in my piggy bank.

Hopefully he he can keep the screwdriver away  from this computer…



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Layout number 43 in February

He is happily being fed by his grandma – moments later he is less than happy. Yes – his big sister can be overwhelming :)


…and now I am so tired I`m having trouble staying awake – at 7pm. Way too early to go to bed :)

I am not where I wanted to be at the end of the month but that is okay. There is one big event to scrapbook and a few digital pages left to do from 2013 so I am almost there. Today I am not going to talk about organizing the digital images. The worst part is done since I do have the monthly files ready to be moved to Elements for tagging.

But tonight I will sit and let my body rest while aimlessly browsing the net.

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