Welcome August

For a few hours we could welcome August with a taste of summer…


…and I could spend some time outside dealing with a new layer of weeds.

So much to do in August.

New prompts from Ali Edwards for my “One little Word” – practicing and documenting gratitude. That is not an easy one for me and I am most likely to let go of this one.

Vacation – one week to go before I start my three weeks of vacation. A welcome one.

The August Break 2015 – one photo prompt a day. I can do that – on and off.

Organize athon summer 2015 – next weekends organizing event at Simplify 101. I have a plan for this one. I think.

Week in the Life 2015 – documenting a week in the life starting August 17.

I don`t know how Week in the life will work out for me during a vacation so I have been thinking maybe I can do this in the upcoming week. Then I am thinking – that will be a busy and stressful enough week. The one thing I do know is that I will be documenting one week in August…


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At the end of a summer

I can argue that this summer never turned up but the kids now enjoy their last days of freedom before the after school program start Monday…


This one is starting school this August. Lucky parents – having three kids in the same school for a few years. They gonna love teacher – parent talks in the upcoming years. Three talks a week :)

He is ready for school…


…and I am sure he will enjoy getting back together with the other kids on Monday. But right now I bet he rather would stay in Torbudalen fishing…




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July 30 2015

There was two baby gulls out on the roof Friday evening. Sunday there was one…


Monday evening there was non…


Just two stressed birds having some kind of grief process.

This process takes about a week and then they are gone for the season…


I don`t know what happened but maybe the parents were too busy staking out the cafe…


…and forgot to look out for the babies?

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July 29 – Olsok

So – why did every public building flag today? It’s a bit embarrassing but my sister in law and I could not figure out what member of the royal family celebrated birthday today. We could not think of any other reason why it was a public flag day. I had to search Google when I came back home…



Olaf II Haraldsson (995 – 29 July 1030), later known as St. Olaf, was King of Norway from 1015 to 1028. He was posthumously given the title Rex Perpetuus Norvegiae (English: Norway’s Eternal King) and canonised in Nidaros (Trondheim) by Bishop Grimkell, one year after his death in the Battle of Stiklestad on 29 July 1030. His remains were enshrined in Nidaros Cathedral, built over his burial site.

We celebrate St.Olaf. I knew that – but in the haze of shopping for the upcoming vacation it was totally lost for both of us.

So – what are the odds for the three musketeers to meet up with their grandma just outside the toy store?


As a thank you for the gift these two felt that they had to line up for photography…


You know – there is always something you can afford to buy after you have passed checkout…


…and when the three of them gang up on their grandma she is easily persuaded to buy one more little thing…


She wanted to join grandma and me. I know why…


This way she could stop by the zoo and she would be allowed to name the fish in the interior store`s aquarium. She could enjoy dining out and she got an extra present before going home. She know how to move.




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Spring cleaning in July

A bit late…


…but the crew finally got the boat up on dry land to do the spring cleaning.

His parents got a new car today. He was happy to play in his grandpa Svein`s old wreck…


The hens wanted to go for a ride but they were not allowed to join because they could not pay the ticket…


…says the boy who love to ride the bus :)

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