The move

I came home from work feeling motivated. Maybe not so much  when facing all I had to do to make this move happening…


No sitting down today…


Some time during the cure I will be told to clean the bed so I did this since I had to move the bed anyway. One more thing to cross off the list.

This will be my bedroom for some time. I do think it will be too ambitious to plan for a new bedroom before the end of January. Since I`m not sleep well anyway at the moment I am pretty sure this will do…


Not the best view but at least the room has a window…


My old bedroom has no longer any need of shutting the light out so the curtains have to go…


That`s the easy part. The real challenge is to dismantle. move and put back together my work table…


Because of the narrow space between the rooms this is not an easy move…


I did give up a couple of times 🙂

I was planning to paint this room but this is not the brightest room in the house and I do like white. I bet there will be very little open space when I am done. For now this is it…


I am back online and now the real work begin…


…because now I have to deal With the mess I left behind – in two rooms. Good thing today`s assignmentet fits the one I choose to do the first day.





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January Cure 2018 | The Project

Why pick a small project when you can pick a massive one?

A bedroom made into a craft room | A craft room made into a bedroom.

Today`s bedroom…



This room is about the same size as my craft room…


The problem with this room has been the noise from the machines on this side of the house. Now I have an even bigger problem outside my bedroom.

The first thing I need to do today is finding a place for my bed other than in these two rooms. That should be doable.

Then I need to decide if I want to paint…


Do I want to go safe with grey or do I want to match my hallway and go pinkish? Do I want to paint at all?

It is fun to look for inspiration…


…but I don`t plan to spend much money if any.


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So – moving stuff around…


I have never been happy about the sofa against the wall but I have not had the energy to do anything about it.

I was all over it when I came home from work today…


I am much happier now.


There are some things to correct but I want to live with this for a few days.

Keep in mind that I do love my photo albums:) I am sure it would be more stylish without but love is love.

Good thing tomorrow is the day we work on our project because now the rest of the house is a project in work…


The kitchen and living room is fine but in the process I messed everything up in four other rooms. Project anyone ?

Now I am sitting down with my crochet project and find something nice to enjoy on Netflix.

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The living room

Today`s task – Lighten up the living room.

Looking around for inspiration I found this on the IKEA site…


…with the text: Move your sofa around for variation.

I have never been happy about the sofa close to the wall so I might go in to the moving around stuff this weekend…


Of course – then I will have to move my Kallax back in to the living room 🙂

One more box to go…


…and then the reward…


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January Cure | Week 3

This week has a lighter work load…

  • Plan a get-together – not doing that.
  • Lighten up the living room – there are some dust to deal with.
  • Work on your project – don`t have one (yet).
  • Bathroom cabinet cleanout – done.
  • A better bedroom – well, my bedroom do look a little sad.

So – bedroom is up for next weekend. Good thing it is my weekend off 🙂 I am thinking paint – or maybe I can turn the bed around again…

I did not plan to work on my long forgotten mess up in the attic. For those who remember – the attic where the girls played house last January…


Still – I have been working up here these last two weeks and this is the last box filled up with what can be called “low hanging fruit”…


If I can move one thing downstairs and out every day this week I might be able to finish. So I guess that is my plan for the start of week three. Besides declaring war against the dust in the living room.

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