Everyday life | January 23 2019

My green plants are feeling a lot better than me these days.

Several days on the sofa doing nothing but searching the net for new curtains.

Finding the right texture and color fitting to my very blue sofa was challenging and finally the choice was set on hold. Instead I search for new pillows for my chairs.

Ikea for Ikea chairs. Still – you never know if they fit.

They did – but maybe some color would have been good 🙂

That is enough shopping for this month. Feeling a lot better today so I might get something done. Hopefully.

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Today’s Assignment: Clean the bathroom and treat yourself to flowers.

Good thing I cleaned my bathroom earlier this week. The shower is not perfectly clean because I can`t bend down to reach everywhere but sometimes you have to make compromises. No flowers – just a green plant.

I stayed over at my brother`s place last night because I needed his help to install a new phone. Getting started with a new phone is not for me. I get aggressive and so is he – while trying to remember all those passwords. Even worse when I came home and had to log in to all my accounts all over again.

We woke up to a beautiful morning…

To the right is my retirement home. Spending a lot of time thinking about what to do before I can move in. It needs renovation and some more space.

When I don`t think about that I scrapbook…

I have been scrapbooking a lot for Anton`s album and overlooked this guy.
He is the quietest and is easy to overlook. I have to do something about that.

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And with winter – more snow

It is a good thing the bus will take to my destination today.

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Welcome Winter

I could be without but there is nothing I can do about it 🙂

If I keep working at my computer I can pretend it`s not there.

Right now – a lot of hybrid scrapbooking. Digital templates from Cathy Zielske + Story kits from Ali Edwards make it inspiring and easy. Right now – I am adding to Anton`s album. From winter 2018…

Skiing is fun but for a boy who loves cars and emergency vehicle I guess this was the highlight of the day…

A police and a cute one made his day.

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Refresh your living room.

That was yesterday`s assignment in the January Cure 2019. What to put in to the word refresh? According to the Cure –
“Ultimately, depending on your affinity for maximalism, you should aim to remove three to 15 things from the space.”

Big changes is not for me this January but I did manage to do a light cleaning of my living room. Good thing there was no clutter to remove 🙂

After a surface sweep and vacuuming I was ready to hug the sofa again for the rest of the week.

It feels like I have lived my life here for the last five months. What else is there to do when you wake up to this …

This weekend our assignment is to do the kitchen. I did plan to start on the kitchen earlier this week but had to pass on that. The kitchen will have to be next weeks big project.

Doing very little today – saving myself for my 10% at work tomorrow.

Just a little scrapbooking for Anton`s album…

Anton January 2018

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