Making funny things with a crochet hook

I have always enjoyed crocheting but I never had fun so I thought I would give it a try.

A bag of yarn and a lot of free time later…


The yarn was leftovers from my mother`s old crochet Projects and I needed a lot of time because I depended on russian speaking instructions. Obviously I do not understand Russian so I had to watch and count to move forward. A slow process🙂

A process I repeated because I wanted to learn so that I would not have to watch once more…


Good thing I didn`t find any cobweb to clean so I could spend the weekend almost like this one…


Yes – a good weekend🙂

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This Weekend: Clear The Cobwebs

From Apartment Therapy | This Weekend: Clear The Cobwebs and Breathe Easier For Months To Come

I can do that. My plan was to clean all the rooms today since it is my day off but Things don`t always goes like I plan🙂 Good to know I have the entire weekend to do this project. I did clean the bathroom before I spent one hour at work and finish my shopping for the weekend – and next week. All clutter is out-of-the-way so I should be able to deal With the dust bunnies and cobwebs. How much can it be with all the cleaning going on?

Skipping dinner today since I made rolls and can`t wait to taste those. Haven`t made rolls in 30 years so I am excited to taste. Dinner is served…


…and some for the freezer…


The cobwebs might have to wait for me another day🙂


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Irish Crochet or free crochet

Irish crochet

The idea was to try Irish Crochet but it turned out to be what the nice Irish lady called free crochet🙂 Now – she did say that there were no real rules on how to do this but just to be sure I think I will call this free crochet.

The cute russian ladies with their small fingers make this look so easy…

6e759b8052eefe8bc81f1908f5a69075… and they work so fast but I have also watched videos with fingers struggling just as much as I did🙂 It might have been easier if I had som kind of underlay were I could pin down the work.

This will probably go down as one of those projects “been there – done that”🙂

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Hello spring

Welcome summertime and hello spring. Wet and cold but still spring.

I had one thing on my to do list this Easter and just before I fell asleep last night I remembered what it was. In very few words – five lazy days. (With one day at work in the middle).

I did start my Week in the Life album because I got my photos back from print Wednesday…


I did the front page and finished Monday before I lost interest…


Although I am looking forward to add Tor Magnus`s drawing to the album…


He was inspired and finished his drawing. Good boy.

This one visited my at work Saturday and was happy to find one of the Easter Eggs hidden in the store…

25843039720_f2cf1cfee7He had hunted for Easter Eggs at grandma Heidi`s Place already so he knew how to find them.

My favorite pic this Easter…


Two prima donnas doing the “Swan Dance”.

The boys…


Just around the corner we have snow still.

So – what did I do this Easter? Well, obsessive as I am, I decided now was the time to learn how to crochet a leaf. I never got that one. You should think I could crochet a leaf after 37 years of crocheting but I can`t and I have tried more than once. Pinterest is overflowing with patterns and they look so easy but I don`t get it. There is some kind of technique I don`t understand.

But there is a way –


It took days to perfect that leaf🙂


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Almost Easter

Some is already well in to the Easter vacation…

Helping with the cows

Steve and Anton is helping out with the cows. They are so brave. I would never gone had gone inside and stayed that close to a cow.

Some is still busy at work…

Real life at work

A little crocheting before getting a good night sleep…


Then one more day to go – a busy day.


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