At the end of February 2017

I ended this month of practice like I started…


…walking the steps up.

28 days later I had no need to take a break or two before reaching the top.

Like the first day I had to stop and enjoy the feel of this place at the top…


…thinking: How am I going to live my life when the day comes and I have to leave?

I might want to do like the village-swan – just stay and hope to be fed…


Coming home – just in time before the rain started pouring down, feeling pretty proud of myself…


…one star for every day in February.

As I sit down to write my reflection card for February I am feeling so grateful for being challenged to do this.

The first week was hard but at the same time I was feeling energized. The second week I fell asleep before nine every evening – overdosing on fresh air 🙂 The third week I was almost in balance. This fourth week I feel really good. Now all I need is longer days and more daylight 🙂

I will keep walking daily. I might not brave all kinds of weather but my goal is to walk 6 km every day.

It has been hard to find one more thing to practice in March but I have chosen to challenge myself to eat healthy. Fruit every day and more fish. I don`t want to do the calorie count 🙂 just eating more healthy and stay away from the chocolate. The last one is a bitch. and March is a long month:)

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February 27 2017


Some walks is more challenging than others 🙂

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February 26 2017

My sister-in-law has been busy cleaning all weekend and the moving in date is getting closer…


Feeling a little bad about not helping but I had to work this weekend and that is the best excuse 🙂

Me was up early walking this morning…


Thanks to all the rain last night and the warmer weather most of the snow was gone…


Home again before the rest of the world was even awake.

Two days left of February. Thinking about what to add or subtract in March. The walking stays for sure 🙂

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February 25 2017

Long day at work. Just enough time between first and second shift to take a walk…


Snowing all day before turning to rain when I came out to walk. No nice walk 🙂

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#AT Weekend Project

This Weekend: Dedicate An Hour To This Dirty Kitchen Zone

After 10 hours at work I had no plans for cleaning this Friday evening 🙂 Then again – sometimes Apartment Therapy`s weekend project inspire me to go an extra mile.

I have to admit that cleaning the sink is not my thing. Most of the time it only get used for dumping cold coffee and that is not a good thing. I love my IKEA kitchen but the sink – not so much. But – now it is clean…


Bedroom clean. Bathroom clean. All the floors vacuumed and cleaned. Laundry done. Wow…

I even took my daily walk in the neighborhood. Good thing I am walking…


The price of gasoline is 16.12 Nkr (1.94 USA dollar) pr.liter.

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