Week in the life 2016

It`s almost time for Week in the life 2017 and I am looking at this stack of photos…


…and wondering what to do with 2016 before thinking about 2017?

First of all I have to swipe for dust and then look for my notes. But, where do I find the inspiration to get it all in to the album? The good thing is – Monday is done 🙂

Fit March 9 2017


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March 20 2017

According to the UN, Norwegian are the happiest people in the world in 2017…


That is good to know 🙂

Signs of spring is reason enough to be happy…


…and meeting these two on my walk today…


…and finally documenting myself for my One little Word album…




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One Little Word 2017 | March

A vision board…

One little word 2017_March

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March 17 2017

My day off – a long day…


Starting early – moving from one bus to another. An appointment with my dentist and long hours at the café before my appointment with my hairdresser…


The long hours at the café and dinner at my sister in law`s house did not do any good for my calorie count…

Fit March 9 2017

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March 16 2017

So – what to do when the weather is too bad to walk in? Tuesday`s storm was okay because I worked two shifts and had no need for walking more. Wednesday was windy and wet…

March 15 2017

…and only crazy people was out walking. I am not crazy – just obsessed 🙂

Say hello to an old friend of mine…


The things I do to get fit. This is not a good friendship but when in need…

Fit March 16 2017

…and it according to the weather forecast we better be nice to each other.

Outside mine window today…


Fit March 9 2017

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