December Daily 2016 | Day 8


A very wet and windy day. We did what we had to do and drove home again from the city to get our hair done before Christmas.


So much more fun to take part in the kid`s Christmas party at their school…


Lots of Christmas carols and treats.

Getting a shot of their parents is not easy. You just have to point and shoot – hoping for the best…


And then the fun was all over – my phone camera roll was full. Hopefully my sister-in-law got something with her camera so I can add some more pics to my album🙂

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December Daily 2016 | Day 7




I love Susannah Conway`s workbook for unravel your year – free on her Blog

I enjoy looking back at the year and have a peek into the next. With any luck I will find my “One Little Word” 2017.

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December Daily 2016 | Day 6


Now it is too late to come running with wish-lists🙂


This was today`s nice task.

Those of you who have been visiting my blog for some time knows that I am a big fan of cleaning house in January. I don`t follow in my mother`s footsteps and clean the house inside out in December. I fake it and make it look like I have been cleaning

Today I surprised myself and cleaned the windows on the outside. Not that they will stay clean very long in our climate but then it will be new dirt and not old dirt🙂



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December 5 2016 | Day 5

December 5 turned out to be a food-day…

The best breakfast. From my college Hilde – a taste of “Lefse”…


Very good breakfast🙂

Ready for baking…


Baking is not my thing but I do bake something in December – just for the fun of it…


Today  – Sarah Bernard…


Mine don`t look perfect but tasted delicious. Lots of calories in the freezer…


In Trondheim little boy Anton refused to eat breakfast, but was outmaneuvered by his mother. From his room – a table and a chair…


…in front of the TV and he is eating. The things you do in December🙂

My sister-in-law was happy to see all the handyman arriving at the building site today…


This time of the year we have less than six hours daylight. In bad weather it feels less. Today we had a short visit from the sun…


Still – no Winter Wonderland.

With daylight I could take a photo of my album…


With baking today I guess tomorrow will be a good day for cleaning🙂

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December Daily 2016 | Day 4

It has been raining all day long. Even Santa`s farm had to stay closed for visitors today…


…no Winter Wonderland around here.

I was up at 5.20 this morning and ready for work at 7 am. That`s okay – next week is vacation time. Not because I want it or need it but because I have to.

This was a good evening for cookies…


I will regret this when January comes around…


There is no way there will be anything left in that jar at Christmas time🙂

The second Sunday in Advent…


I have a new camera and I find it very challenging. Of course doing December Daily is a valid reason to practice…

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