I love mondays…


…i really do. something about a fresh start. and suddenly there is Friday…i know – it`s all about age. one day you  wake up before the alarm goes off. next you wake up at the same time Sunday morning. and before you know it – there is menopause. Arrg..

one of the girls in my Norwegian forum challenged us to make a page about dogs and cats. so i made one with baby Elin meeting Tina for the first time. i think the photo is so sweet. they are both so sceptical towards  each other, and daddy is watching carefully. soon, they are friends.

it`s all about meeting each other with respect when you are building new friendships….….that is a good rule for every aspects of life.

i didn`t send my page to the blog that challenged us. when i took time to read the hole thing there were a rule about using something we had made ourselves. the only thing i could think of was to  crochet a flower. but then i could not find my crocheting needle. messy….no…not me.

Amandas challenge for the week can`t be done. i don`t have any clear-products. there is some hearts and flowers, but no albums. i just go on puzzle-ling with my own things.


Er de ikke søte? Vi var så heldig at vi fikk lov til å passe Tina noen dager i juli 2006. Det var kjærlighet ved første øyekast. I alle fall fra Elins side. Det var nok litt stas at Tina var så liten. Elin er fortsatt like begeistra for Tina. Da vi feira toårsdagen hennes i fjor,  hadde ikke Elin tid til pakker og gjester, for Tina var der.

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