Meet Mr. Halibut…

It has been a beautiful day. A little cold, but how cares when the sun is shining. Here you can see the halibut-farm at Kvernes, Averøy. Jan Arve works there and he takes care of the halibut from they are born until they are ready for export.


You don’t see the nets so good on this picture, but I have an old pick I can show. I just have to dig in archives to look for it. Here you go. The halibut-net close up, and it is filled with money;

..and the boss-lady (grandma) knows that fishing close to the net is a good place to fish…

…soon this guy is ready for export and to enter your dinner-plates. …if you have the money to buy.

Ok. That is enough nature and fish for to day. Before I got started with this fish-thing, I was busy shopping for stash on the internet. I need an album for my May-project, and my favorite-stores don’t have the album I need. Then I have to go to another store, but they don’t have anything else that I need or want. It is really not easy to be human. Maybe I should go to bed so I can have a good night sleep….

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1 Response to Meet Mr. Halibut…

  1. lene says:

    Hi, I was searching for halibuts in Averöy on the web, and found your page with no comments…so I just want to say hallo and greetings from the very very little babyhalibuts from Iceland wich we send to Aveöy in Norway when they ar about 5 grams big. Kveðja Lene

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