I have moved…

…out of my apartment and settled in my new scrap-room….

It is so good to finally get all the dust and the stuff out of my living room and the kitchen. I have not had time to get everything in order in here. OK, let me be honest. Getting in order has not been my priority. To busy scrapbooking. I finished the pages I have been working on the last days. Darci gave us this great sketch the other day that was just right for me. I have some really horrible photos that has been moving around with me for a lot of years. Not knowing what to do with them, and unable to get them out of the house.

In 1991 I visited USA. I came home with a lot of pictures of hotel rooms and some really bad party pics. I have no idea who the people are and where they are taken. (Those were the days). Now I have made those pages and the rest is out of the house.

Los Angeles…

Las Vegas…

New York…

I had fun making my third card today. I really enjoy this class.

Now, before going to bed I will do a little update on the wedding page.


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