Back to art journaling…

I enjoyed making art journals after taking a three days tutorial with Rhian.  Even without the Gesso. Of course I had to buy a bucket of Gesso. It has been standing in a corner for two weeks now. This evening I found it, and I just had to try again. I probebly need to get back to Rhians files and see how to use this stuff, but for a little while I had fun.

Translated it reads something like this; Good girls goes to heaven, bad girls go as far as they want…

At it has been a show and tell about gardens and outdoor space this last days.  I am not posting a photo of my space. But in this intimate setting I am showing, just this once…

At 52 card pick up the class is dismissed for the weekend. But i knocked the top of my egg number 10 at ; a bakers dozen. The layout is showing baby Kristian and his grandfater last May.

My mojo was at home so I did egg number 11 while I was at it. This one was supposed to be a two page spread, but I could not get myself to put 11 strips of paper across two pages so I converted it to one page. That worked as well.

This is baby Elin last summer, blowing bubbles. Her grandfather makes sure she got a LOT of water and soap……….

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