It has been a good day…

…and for once I had a very productiv day at work. The summer is still on hold, but it still looks good for the weekend. Darci gave us a “the how to do” layout number 12 today. I didn`t get why a bakers dozen involves 13 eggs, but I am enjoying myself so I don`t care. So, here it is Egg number 12:

Elin and Kristian with their great grandparents Karen and Ansgar. I was looking around for a photo and found all these great pictures from last summer. I had forgot all about them.

In Tena`s  class we learned how to make transparencies. That was fun. Never knew I could make them myself. i will do this again sometime.


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2 Responses to It has been a good day…

  1. Gilberg says:

    Takk for hyggelig tilbakemelding i bloggen min
    Nydelig LO du har laget.

    Forresten… Den malen du sliter med… Ikke så vanskelig. Jeg bruker stort sett mål på 3″ fra kanten av arket. Deretter er det bare å streke opp når du har målt opp dette på hver side.

  2. Dette var en knalltøff og artig LO, og det “transparent” kortet var stilig. c”)

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