Check out my Slide Show!

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2 Responses to Check out my Slide Show!

  1. Cara Carrodus says:

    Hey elinjanne!
    I am a fellow Have More FUN student!! and I just LOVE your slide show of your wedding. Your kids are beautiful, love the way it is a take on your son – just gorgeous. I also read your thread on the HMF Message Board about not GETTING the “fun” thing and where Stacy is going. I have to say that I am not REALLY “into” all that “airy fairy stuff” —- if you know what i mean. I don’t think you should worry that it is a “foreign language” thing because I think you are either into it or not.
    By the way, I am from Perth, Western Australia — I travelled extensively through the UK, Europe etc for 2 years (about 10++ years ago now) and I actually loved your work/layouts from Bakers Dozen too, and was chuffed to hear that you were from France! I LOVED France! Where exactly are you from>??
    Anyway, I am taking all this “create your own definition of FUN” and “design your own FUN principles” with a bit of “tongue in cheek” (do you know that saying???). Don’t get me wrong I absolutely love Stacy Julian, she is an amazing lady, such great ideas both in terms of organisation etc ie Library of Memories (I loved this class – this has been the turning point in my scrapbooking!) and her style and philosophies. She has a great outlook on life and family and scrapbooking – all the things she (and the rest of us) are very passionate about! BUT this latest stuff in the class, is a bit TOO MUCH for me! So what I am trying to say is — I am excited about the projects we will be doing in August — photo album scrapbooking — and September — the “month” album — I think they are going to be awesome.

    Hang in there.
    My email is — if you feel like a chat!!!

    Love your work and so glad I have come across your blog!

    Thanks elinjanne!

    ~Cara xx
    (@ BPS my name is “CaraJo”)

  2. Cara Carrodus says:

    I am now a little embarrassed – — maybe it’s Norway you are from — as i just read another comment from a different blog entry — if that’s the case where did I get France from — I’m so sorry!
    (BPS ~ CaraJo)

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