My wrect journal…

….came home with the mailman yesterday. She was looking good as new. Maybe the wrecking wasn’t meant to be? So…she only travelled a few miles. Maybe I ought to send her out in the world?  Don’t think so, she better stay home with me. I have reach page 12 and just lost my big chance on getting my fat fingerprints all over her. My 25 year old, baby nephew Tor Helge, just came here with leftover pizza. I just put my teeth in the pizza and forgot all about my journal. Poor thing….

Ok, we will play more tomorrow.

I left work early today, determent to do some house cleaning. In order to do so I have to pass my “play room” and I never came out of there. I started to play with some paint and there was no way I was going to stop playing and start cleaning. One of these days I have to. At least I made my card number 20, only 32 to go. This is what I call fun. Learning something new everyday is fun. The lesson today was using chalks and water. With a little practice this could be a fun technique. 

Late this afternoon we finaly could detect some blue sky. It was raining all morning. The tourists are getting sick of this weather. So am I.

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