I have been busy tonight….

I did have other plans this evening. I started out working on my Funday Monday layout. As always there was something missing in my tool box. We were supposed to use a 2×2 inch punch. Did I have that? No. So I had to do it myself. I was working happily when the mail came in, my prints from the wedding had arrived.  I just had to pick them up…

It took me three hours to get the photos in the albums.

All 600 hundreds of them.  And there is more to come.  I am not sure whats next, but I better let the bride look through this and make some decisions. There is some beautiful shots here, there are some not so good,…. and the photos that will haunt her forever. I can`t wait to work with this, but I might want to use the long winter nights to work with those happy moments.

I did not get to finish my layout to night, so I showing those I tried to upload last night. The first one is for the challenge at Scrapping.no, using some other persons handwriting. I had to peek in to one of my boxes and I found some old letters.

Where did we go?       Good question.      Memories from my youth.


We travelled the world.

We walked for peace.

We thought we could change the world for the better.

We were involved.

We cared.

We drank beer every day.

We loved each other.

And we sent letters written on bar notes.

….the good times…..

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