The mojo has left the house…

…It took me a long time to figure out what”the cool people” talked about. If you, like me, don’t fall into the cool category, mojo is a word used for inspiration. Greeting the new day at 5 am six days in a row kills the mood. I had to take a nap when I came home from work this afternoon.

It has been a warm summer day. Even the machines needed to be showered with cold water today. I have just been downstairs and checked that all the freezers worked. Knock on wood, everything still worked. The machines just don’t handle the heat, and that makes me dislike the summer. That again makes me feel even worse.

Close to midnight we have a beautiful sunset, making a perfect scene for the couple celebrating their wedding across the street.

Even though I haven’t been doing anything creative today, I have been working a little on my photography skills. I still don’t have a clue of what I am doing. The only thing I like when I empty my memory card is some weird photos, like this one:

A kind of sunset....

A kind of sunset....

I was reading up on my photography class when a classmate put up this link;what-the-heck-is-an-aperture. I liked the way she approached the questions. It was more like; how to take a photo, for dummies. That is right up my ally. Well, I am going to bed crossing my fingers for my mojo to come home tomorrow.
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1 Response to The mojo has left the house…

  1. leasanders says:

    I like the photo!

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