What to do with all the photos….

I have spent the last hour listening to Stacy Julian’s presentation for the august part of the”have more fun” class. I never took time to go through it all earlier. She says to let go of the expectations, and to stop and ask your self if you really want to scrapbook all this photos. Honestly, I never thought I could. It was a good idea when baby Elin was born, because there weren’t that many photos. And I never “scrapbooked” the photos, I just put them in albums and did some journaling. I made the whole album with 50 pages in an evening. I can not believe that there a people out there who thinks that it is possible to scrapbook the thousands of photos that goes in to the computer during a short period of time.

The big question is; what to do with the big chunks of photos. Stacy showed some cools things to do. I have been looking around for these albums with no luck. It seems to me that to scrapbook ordinary one page album is not a big thing in Norway. Unfortunately we don’t have Target, Wall marts or whatever….

So…this fact means that this part of the class is not so exiting for me. I would love to follow Stacy’s directions, but I just have to tag along and work with what I have at hand. That is okay. The idea works fine with whatever album I am using.

Tonight I have been playing with my paint. I put all this work into something that just did not turn out that great. It might just go into the paper bin. That is okay, it happen sometime. At least I made my card. And here comes one more honest moment. Tena`s technique class is a lot more fun. I you feel like learning something new you should take her 52 card pick up – class. You really get a lot more than you are paying for.

Writing with glaze pen directly on the photo.

Writing with glaze pen directly on the photo.

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