I am not so sure…

…that I get the fine details in what Stacy Julian is teaching us, but I don`t care so much about that as long as she keeps inspiring me to have fun and to get the photos into the albums. I am not going to quote Stacy, just in case…. Instead I am going to tell how I did this photo album scrapbook.

My sister in law turned 50 last August, and her parents came to visit for a week. We took a lot of cute photos of the kids and their great grandparents during that week. Not so much happened…just playing, hugging and being plain cute. I started out making a front page;


Front page

 There were supposed to be questions asked and answered in this album. I made 12 questions wich I sent in an email to the great grandparents and their daughter. Just some : where, when, what…..and I had some photos from Kjellaugs childhood in black and whith, wich I used to divid the days.

Spending summer holliday at Ona in 1961

Then I just kept writing the answeres and slip in the photos, day by day.

The hugging cermoni...

The hugging cermoni...

A bit of information for the kids to enjoy ...in the future.

A bit of information for the kids to enjoy ...in the future.

One thing they all have in commen - the love for fishing...

One thing they all have in common - the love for fishing...

I love this mini photo album scrapbooking projects. I got 75 photos stored in an album. I got to tell a story we all can enjoy, and we got bits of information documented for the future.
I tend to make things more difficult then it have to be, and sometime I am worried about doing it right. But I am sure that Stacy just want us to have fun and enjoy.
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