There is not any scrapbooking…

…to be done while being on vacation, but I did bring all my lessons from my photography 101 class. And I have been taking photos. That is not easy with all the light, the sun and the sea. But I am trying. We are all morning birds and we are the first ones to enter the breakfast buffet every morning. It looks like the days are getting shorter every time we come here. So we need to get an early start to be able to do want we want to be done.

I miss my scrapbooking. I had so much going on when my vacation came up so it was hard to leave. And I wish I could have been there for the big wig party this weekend. But this is a very good second place to be.

Today we are planning to do the beach walk into Can Piqafort. Someone got some shopping to do and I am tagging along with my camera. Even if it almost gives a heart attack to drag the camera along in all this sand.

Note to home:

Moises says hallo. He was so disappointed that Tor stayed at home. Last night we drank all to much red wine for dinner so we are a little slow this morning.

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