It is a beautiful morning ….

m…with no clouds in sight. Yesterday we had a few hours of cloudy weather, but it turned through out the day. In the meantime my brother had me running around taking photos. I did plan to work on my lessons in my photography 101 class. My brother has decided that I have a lot to learn so he is keeping me busy.  He is sending me outside for a photo safari more then once a day. The last lesson yesterday was all about water. That should be easy around here. But, you just can not take photos of the kids in the pool. With all the perverts running around I don’t think the parents would like that. So I need to find running water. Not so much of that in this hotel, but I will look further down the street.
I loved making this card. We used clear embossing to make a background that matched the color of the card-stock. I liked it so much that I did not want to clutter it with picture and more stash.
Well, I had breakfast and it is time to go looking for water, and the beach is next up.

teknikk 29 , originally uploaded by elinjanne.

….with no clouds in sight.

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