A rainy day at Viva Bahia…


We have been told by the weather service that today will be a cloudy and rainy day, so we are prepared for just that. We have the book to read and a plan for shopping chocolate cakes. I love the rainy days here at the hotel in Majorca. It brings a lot of thunder and lightning and the rain can be pouring down. We got the camera ready so we can try to catch the lightning.

Yesterday I was walking through all the hotels on the strip looking for cool water fontains to photograph. When you are looking for them they are not so easy to find.  But, I did find them, and the pools with fish and waterlillies. I like those.

On todays card I used a sharp objeckt to write on wet acrylic paint. Easy and fun.

teknikk 31, originally uploaded by elinjanne.

For me to finish in time with the rest of my class: I have to make 15 of this cards in one day when I come home from my holiday. If I don’t finish in time I don’t think I ever will so I have every intention to catch up in one day.

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