Early Sunday morning at Viva Bahia…

That’s what happens when you go to bed way to early Saturday evening…you wake up with the birds. It is 7.30 am and I am willing to bet that I am the only one awake . Not even the birds are singing. It is me…and the guy in the reception. That is okay…he is cute…

I did count the raindrops yesterday – and I came to the number: 100. No exiting thunder or lightning. Quite boring. I love it when the thunder rolls over the icland. But we did have a rather grey day, mostly spent with the camera. The weather was perfect for taking photos.

This Sunday seems to be perfect. The sky is blue and it is no clouds to be seen. A whole day at the beach…. I am really sorry I could not spend time at The Big Wig Crop at Big Picture Scrapbooking this weekend. I have been sneaking around a little but have not been able to download anything. I am crossing my fingers that this stuff is still up when I come home.

Now…it’s finally breakfast time. I love the breakfast buffet on this hotel. I can spend a long time in there. And my cloths are getting tighter and tighter. The hotel staff has worked hard in the kitchen since our last visit, the buffet is better than ever… a lot better.

teknikk 32, originally uploaded by elinjanne.

This card was made with different layers of acrylic paint.

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