Monday morning at Viva Bahia…

The first week is behind us, and we have started the count down for everything coming to an end. The first week is always long and the second one just seems to disaper. I really tried to spend the whole day at the beach yesterday, but I had to give up after lunch.  Today seems to be another day with blue sky and no clouds…and it seems to be a very warm day…That is good, I like it hot…

I have been using a few minutes looking into the net shops, because I have some shopping to do when I come home. I have to admit that it was strange to see that the Christmas designs were in…already. That is early…we are still in August….and I never buy Christmas paper.

I have not decided how to spend the day yet. I don’t plan to spend the whole day at the beach. Maybe walking along the beach will be less boring. I still have one book left to read. I did plan to read Stieg Larssons third book, but I don’t think Kjellaug will finish it before going home. It does not matter, I also brought Jo Nesboe’s:The Snowman.


teknikk 33, originally uploaded by elinjanne.

Here we cut things out of magazines, newspapers and what ever. I like doing this and I have been using this when making art journals.

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