Another sunny day at Viva Bahia….

We had a hot day yesterday. Not too hot….just perfect for the beach. The good thing about the beaches of Majorca is the wind. Always a nice wind blowing over the beaches. That makes it perfect when you want to spend the day at the beach. I like it best at the beach in the late afternoon. That might not be the best time for tanning, but perfect when you want to have a good time.

We have only four days left and I am beginning to feel a little stressed about that. Always something more I want to do and never enough time….

My hand…, orignally uploaded by elinjanne.

I took Ashley Wren’s design school a few weeks back. She gave us a lot of requests and ideas of layouts. The first one was to make a print of our hand. I used mine on the cover page of my notebook. And I really needed that notebook. Ashley’s prompts gave a lot of ideas of pages to do. If I go into a dry spell.. all I have to do is go back to Ashley’s pdf.files and make a pick.

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