Shopping…, originally uploaded by elinjanne.

Inspired by Ashley Wren’s class.

…SHOPPING…I don’t like shopping when I am on vacation. And I am talking about sun,beach,good food and funny drinks…..After staying in this place every summer for years, shopping can be a difficult thing to do. But, we need presents for the kids…We found something for baby Elin, but nothing for Kristian. Kjellaug is a smart girl, she knew what Kristian needs. So hopefully someone can buy this thing at home so we can give this gift to Kristian when we come home. I don’t think all the funny things you can buy on the streets are very healthy for the kids…

It is almost 10am and Kjellaug hit the beach a long time ago. Me…I like to have a slow morning. After some alone time in the computer room after breakfast I will join my brother for some coffee and talk on the terrace. That is my favourite time of the day. There is nothing I need to do, nowhere I need to be. I just love that….And then there is time for the beach…I could get used to spend my time like this…I think…

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