30 days hath September…

…I was so exited when I came down to the reception to log in this morning to read Stacy  Julian’s presentation for the third part of her Have more FUN class. I read her one hour long presentation and I love it. To get involved with life here and now….To scrapbook every day life one day at the time….for a whole month…. At first I wasn’t sure if I would do this, because I have done it before. But, so has Stacy…. I just have to think this through, maybe I want to do this another way.

This two last days have been so good. The weather, the temperature, the beach, the bar, the food, the company….just perfect. A vacation you just don’t want to end. It is a long time since we have been so blessed with perfect weather. Now it is almost over…just one more day left.

 I was the first one in the shower today, and I am spending some time in the reception waiting for Tormod and Kjellaug to get ready for dinner. I love the buffet and I have to do a serious weight program when I come home. …I am not so happy about that.

How to get tougher when you need to be…, originally uploaded by elinjanne.

Inspired by Ashley Wren.

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