On this last vacation day….

…I spent the whole day at work. I needed this time to get ready to go back. Three weeks is a long time for me to be off work. I have never had five weeks of vacation in one year before, but it will not be the last time. I have enjoyed my time off.

And I have been productiv. At least I finished my deck of cards. I am proud of this. 52 cards with tecniques I never done before. That is something….and I finished….at least I am if I can find the last three cards I made before going on vacation. They are here somewhere.

My deck of cards…, originally uploaded by elinjanne.

I have made several albums using Stacy Julian’s method of Photo Album Scarapbooking. That has been so fun. I might not do ordinary scrapbooking ever again.  Still have some work to do on the last album – the vacation album.

I  do the 30 days Hath September project with the same album and I having fun doing my daily pages. It is so much easier without worrying where to put everything. I will show some example later.

The Brady bunch goes camping....

The Brady bunch goes camping....

I have no idea why anyone would put up a tent in September, but the kids had fun.

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