I joined Kolette Hall…

…and her Giving Well class. Not because I am any good at giving – because I am not. But I like Kolette – and I did say that I would join any class she would ever teach. She is giving us this neat projects and a motivation for giving good. I certainly need some advice in that department. Usually I stash some money in an envelop and I am done. Sometimes there is no Christmas present at all. Since baby Elin was born I found an even easier approach to giving gifts – I transfer money to the kids saving accounts every month. Well, the bank takes care of it. Talk about taking the easy way out….

Giving is not easy. We all have a lot of stash filling up our homes. Do we really need more? Me – I always wish for socks – because I need socks. Another thing – do people appreciate home made gifts?  I honestly don`t think they do. Kolette does have a good point; you got to connect with the person you are giving to. Okay, at least I am in training for giving gifts…

Papirgleder showed us how to make this neat card today, and I had to try it out.

With just enough room for some goodies.

With just enough room for some goodies.

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