The queen of wheeling and dealing…

So...if I get the big can have the little one...

So...if I get the big can have the little one...

Lets see how this works out….



Sometimes they are so funny….

I have spent hours struggling with photo software this evening.  As one of the girls at the Design Your Life message board said earlier tonight; I am techno challenged.  That is not my favourite place to be. I might have to decide what photo program to use and learn how to use it.  To tell the truth, I shot down my new computer and sat down with my old laptop to do my blogging. At least I can find the letters without looking for them….

It is week 3 in the Design Your Life class, and Cathy Z posted a great download for us today. Since most of her photos are cropped in a different size then my already printed ones, I had to do some cropping and printing. That’s were it all went wrong. I got lost in the new photo software on my computer and everything went straight to….

I might have to concentrate on one program and spend some time learning, even if I really don’t want to.

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