Almost ready for a new week…

I didn`t get some much done yesterday. I had to go in to work early and came home late. So much for working in daylight. Today we had another rainy and grey Sunday. That does not bother me at all because I can stay inside without feeling bad about it. 🙂 I finished the first assignment for week 3 in my Design Your Life class.

Cathy Zielske   -  Design Your Life.

Sketch: Cathy Zielske - Design Your Life.

Photos of Kristian – 2007 and a few words about how he enjoys to be carried around or sitting in someones lap. But – that was last year.  Sometimes – when you have a big sister – it is more safe to be close to an adult. 🙂
The week ahead of me is just an ordinary one. Nothing special about it – I hope. It is good to have some quite downtime before the Christmas shopping starts acting up. Hopefully there will be no snow yet. My car don`t have winter tiers. That is okay, I don`t have to drive anywhere.
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