A life well crafted….

I spent some time reading up on some blogs I like to follow. It never stops to amaze me how many creative and smart people there is in the world. I can spend hours reading. Just wish I had it in me to follow up on all the ideas this is giving me. But rather than doing something, I seem to consume the ideas and forget all about it. And I move on….

I have been reading up on Jason Hall`s blog today. He is an excellent storyteller and he always has a deeper meaning with his story and in the end he has a word of advice. The best thing about it, I get what he is saying. That does not mean I am capable of follow up on his advice but sometimes during the day I can hear his voice in the back of my head.

Jason Hall was teaching along his wife Kolette in the Big Picture Scrapbooking class; the art of becoming more…, earlier this year. So when I say I can hear his voice, I really can. Coming January 1Th the two of them start a new class that will run through the whole year. I think this will be an amazing journey for everyone joining them.

You can see the class here: A life well crafted at BPS….and go read Jason Hall`s blog.

And then there is some scrapbooking. I finished the second assignment for week 3 – DYL.

Cathy Zielske - Design Your Life.

Sketch: Cathy Zielske - Design Your Life.

 Great grandma Karen is tutoring baby Kristian in the art of drawing.

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1 Response to A life well crafted….

  1. Jh- says:

    Thanks for the kind words. You have a wonderful spirit. Can’t wait to see you on the blog and in the year long at BPS. Keep up the good work.

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