“Yes we can”…

“Yes we can” – Words that will be remembered for years to come.  If my family had been scrappbookers I would have told them to sit down and put their thoughts on the paper. Because someday their children are going to ask; where you were….what did you think…who was this man…what he was all about… My mum was a great storyteller and she had a good memory, but she was no writer.  She loved to tell us about those great moments in time, which I don’t remember much of. Those moments in time do not come along that often, and last night was one of them.

“Yes we can” – the words are echoing the sentiment I read on Jason Hall`s blog last night.  He told us about his professor, who taught him to believe that; everyday was the best day so far…You got to read this; http://champinside.wordpress.com/.

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