The good old days…




Lyngstad - May 17 ..early 60`s...
Lyngstad – May 17 ..early 60`s…

I was browsing Face book earlier this evening and I found this photo posted by an old friend of the family. Gunnar and my brother are seven years older than me and from my perspective Gunnar was always there when I grew up. The boys were always hanging out together.

The last time the family had Sunday dinner together we talked about this. I was trying to convince my brother and his wife how important it is, writing down their stories. Coming straight from Jessica Sprague’s class; Stories in hand, I was really burning about this. I know I am fighting a losing battle to get them to write anything, but that is not stopping me from trying.

We got to talk about the good old days. We talked about my brothers first job and how Gunnar’s father became his first boss. My brother started out as a TV repairman.  We all have clear memories about the first television, and we remember when my father came home with the color TV.

But, we had all forgotten those crazy years my brother worked in the TV business. The dishwasher, the car stereos, the video, the satellite, the video camera, the hairdryer….Man, there was an ongoing stream of newbie’s and we were right in the middle of it. And…we had forgotten all about how big this was for us. My dad had the best time in his life and I think Gunnar’s dad also had exiting days being responsible for getting this new fashion things into people’s home.

About the photo and the importance of it…I don’t have a photo of “the old road”. Nowadays the road is on the other side of the river.

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