What makes Christmas perfect?

Well, I am easy…but a perfect Christmas needs kids.

Christmas traditions are important, but they change over the years. They change as the children gets older. I have one clear memory from my childhood. I followed my mother to the barn, bringing Christmas food for Santa. My grandfather and my mother were great storytellers. I believed every word they told me…I did believe that Santa lived on the barn during Christmas. (And so did my mother, I think…) After having dinner Christmas Eve my mother took care of the animals in the barn. While she was out,  Santa came bringing gifts. I felt so sorry for my mother that didn’t get to meet with Santa.

After a few years of celebrating as an adult it was a big thing when Jan was born in 1979. A grandchild had the pleasure of meeting Santa. Grandma told her grandson the same stories, and he was a believer like us. Tor on the other hand…I don’t think he ever believed in Santa.


They grow up and suddenly there are only adults sitting down at the table Christmas Eve. That is nice, but there is no Santa and no magic. We are so grateful that once again the magic is back. He might not now about Christmas, but he knows all about presents…


Yepp..Kristian knows good things is coming his way…


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1 Response to What makes Christmas perfect?

  1. Carrie says:

    Very pretty! Cute pics of the little ones too! 🙂

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