Christmas countdown…

That was the most important thing in December when I was a kid. My brother was given an advent calendar when he was a baby. It has been hanging on the same kitchen wall for 50 years. For a few years it was hanging in the shadow in the hall, and suddenly it disappeared. My mum had to find it again and hang it were it used to be. It was no Christmas without it.

Now, my brother is a grandfather and the advent calendar is back where it belongs.

Me – I was more a chocolate calendar girl. One, two or three, and I loved the one that came with the Donald magazine. I think all magazines came with a calendar when I was a little girl. I lost all interest in the countdown for Christmas in an early age. Nowadays I am not counting the days at all. I am counting the weeks. And the weeks only contains Mondays and Fridays. The first Sunday in advent I find the advent lights and my kitchen stuff, and I normally that’s it.


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1 Response to Christmas countdown…

  1. Natty says:

    I just love this entry, so stylish and the cups are so sweet! :o)

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