Christmas visitors…

My mother loved to tell stories about the Christmas parties she attended as child and young girl. Family and neighbors met for good food and good company. I always had this “Fanny and Alexander” picture in my head listening to her stories. There were no parties when I grew up. Well…I do remember parties, but I was put to bed, fighting and screaming.

But there were always a lot of visitors in my home. Really, every day an ongoing stream of people coming and going. My mum would feed everyone, and my dad was “holding court”. I have no idea how my mum was able to feed all these guests.

These days there are very little guests during Christmas. Working in a grocery store there is a lot of work in December. We close on the25 and 26, and then there is work again as usual. December can be challenging – fun – but challenging.

I have had the pleasure of being a house guest in my childhood home my whole life. After my parents past away, my brother and his family welcomes me at Christmas Eve. Later I will tell you about Christmas dinner. It took me 20 years to really enjoy it…

Jan and Santa (grandma) in 1984

Jan and Santa (grandma) in 1984

My mum was Santa for her grandchildren for many years. They knew it was her, but that was okay. It was still exiting when Santa came to the house.

The joy of Christmas...

The joy of Christmas...

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  1. Thank you for sharing this. Such a nice story. Great pics.

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