I am hooked…

I should never tried digital scrapbooking. It is so easy to get hooked. The good thing – it keeps everything tidy around here. I am done taking everything out of my room. I have cleaned, and moved back in what I need to survive. Just the basic stuff.  I bet someone wonder how the rest of the house looks like. Pretty good. I have gathered all my photos into the living-room, and I have some files and binders to look through. The rest is gone.

Now I am ready to do some heavy planning on how I would like this room to work. And I am ready to start LOM on Thursday. LOM will be the most important thing for me the next 16 weeks. I am optimistic about finishing this within that time-frame. Okay – I am willing to revise that statement in a few weeks…

Here is Day 9 in the LOAD challenge:



I can see that I had some “accidents” stiching the paper, but no way am I doing it over again. Guess what…I am having fun so I made one more.


Both made with templates created of Ali Edwards. I don`t have so much to choose from so I guess this will be done over and over again. But – that is one way of learning.

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1 Response to I am hooked…

  1. Ingunn says:

    These are both so beautiful – and such amazing photos!!

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