I am ready for “A Library of Memories”…




…and it feels like I have been for a long time. I have been reading about Stacy Julian`s Library of Memories for a long time. Last summer during her “Have more FUN” class, everyone said this system was the solution for all my problems. I am sure I could have organized my pictures on my own, but who wants to organize pictures? It will be a good thing to have some structure doing this. And I like how she thinks and work with her photos and memories.

I am okay with the printed photos, but I am so bored creating the albums on the computer. And I do not want to talk about tagging. Now I know why students come back to this class over and over again. No way you can do this with the thousands of photos we have on the computer and implement the rest of Stacy`s system in 16 weeks.

Well…I am ready. I have gathered a lot of photos, my workspace is cleaned and I have nothing else planned. Except LOAD…

She is a beauty - but no fashonista...

She is a beauty - but no fashonista...

Good thing I am good with the fast and simple…

Okay, I am still working on organizing stuff in my room. I really like having more space and less clutter.  Love that Wendy Smedley`s class got a slow pace. I think we have reached the planning stage now. Since there is no way I am going to do any renovation in the middle of the winter I have a lot of time to dream and plan. Before doing anything big in here, I have a window that need to be replaced. In the meantime I plan and dream…

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1 Response to I am ready for “A Library of Memories”…

  1. Lisamarie says:

    I am excited about LOM too. How is GOBI?

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