The LOAD challenge…

…is really the most good thing going for me right now. Working through all these photos drives me nuts. I feel that it gets me nowhere. There have been a lot of talk about birthdays and events on the message board. That is not a problem for me. Not so much events – but thousands of everyday moments. And it is so hard to let them go. Ah, but she is so cute…and Oh, I remember that…Some months there a thousands of photos…For once in my life I am really happy I don`t have that many years of digital photos to sort through.

Load day 16

Load day 16


It is fun to look through the pictures taken in 2007. Baby Elin was so cute at three. Most of the photos from 2007 are mostly uploaded to FotoKnudsen ( where they are safely stored and printed).  The albums from 2007 is buried deep down and I have not seen them in a long time so I do enjoy my self. But, I have worked on this the whole evening and I have only done 4 days. I am just saying –  a lot of pictures…

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1 Response to The LOAD challenge…

  1. krismakes says:

    I love the simplicity of this page, it really keeps the focus on the photo’s and the cute little girl! She looks so sweet.

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