Slowly going crazy…

The most essential part of Stacy Julian`s Library of Memories is the storage binders. She use Pioner storage binders that showcase three 4×6 photos on each page. This is a 3-ring binder that make it easy to shift pages in and out and to move them around. Her advice is that we get 15 binders. I would love to have these binders. I can clearly see the advantaged of having them. They can`t be found in Norway and having them shipped from USA will be expensive. 98 dollars for two. So for the time being I just use cheap 3-up binders, and some 2-up I have.

For now I just concentrate on the last five years. I don`t think there will be time for more. I just need to have five years into the binders so I can learn how Stacy works this system. For me the challenge has been to gather all the digital images stored all over the place. I have finished sorting, filing  and deleting everything we have stored on the external hard drive. I have brought home everything we have stored with the on-line photo services. It is a good thing to have the digital images stored with an  on-line photo service, but my on-line albums were a mess.  I might find my way, but no one else would. After sorting through everything I will get a new account and upload the highlight folders.

Pairing down and creating highlight folders will be a challenge. But first I have to work my way through ALL the CD`s and DVD`s hiding all around the house. I know – I am a mess…But in a day or two I will have my desk back in order so I can go back to organising my room again. ( I think…)

Load - Day 23

Load - Day 23

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