I scrapbook for me…

…is a line you always find on the message boards when there is  a discussion going on. We all put our layouts out there because we want them to be seen. Maybe we don`t want them to be judged or praised – but we want them to be seen. If someone don`t like what you do – the defense argument is always; I do not care what you think because I scrapbook for me!

I do too -Sometimes.

But, most of the time I scrapbook to leave something behind. Sentiments of how much we love the kids we are blessed with. Sentiments of who we are, what we do and how we feel about each other.

Since we had a touch of spring today, I went overboard with the yellow making this one;


In 2007 Elin Marie loved to pretend she was a ghost and grandma loved to play along…

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