Photo triage…

…a word invented by Stacy Julian. After filling the storage binders with chronological photos we take some out of the binders and put them in category drawers. The photos will be taken out of their setting and put into another setting where they will be ageing. That way we will be able to se other connections with our photos. I have always loved to make this kind of connections when I work with albums, and now I will have a system to do so.

I was not going to do any scrapbooking today. I am cleaning and triaging. But, looking into the LOAW group at flicr I got inspired. This weeks challenge is to make a layout after a sketch from PageMaps.


She is such a brave little cookie. Crawling naked in the attic looking for the birds nest.

I am feeling good. This took me just a few minutes. I knew where I had the pics. My work space is organized – tank you Wendy Smedley. And the girls in the LOAW inspires me.

No – I feel great.

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