7×7 tag…

…the always energic Lain  tagged me with a photo callange. Post the seventh photo in the seventh folder on your computer. Okay, my computer is now loaded with every digital photo I have, thanks to the Library of Memories class. If I choose to overlook those folders and go to my new folders of “Everyday photos” I find this one…




Maybe not the photo I normally would post on my blog. but the truth is – I am spring cleaning.  And talking about truths – I havn`t used my living room since 2006. In the last three months I have been using the room for storing the shit I took out of my “office” during GOBI and LOM. Almost finished purge and organize. The blue bins in the corner  are the last bit in the puzzle.

So who do I want to pester…I choose to send this challenge to:

Angie because I love her new blog. Even if she gives me angst about using my bad English in a public medium.

Monica because I like how she invite us into her life through her blog, and as classmate at Big Picture Scrapbooking.

Maya because she gives every scrapper in Norway a place to meet at Scrapping.no, her great layouts and her cute kids.

Hege because she makes the best layouts. She was and still is the scrapbooker I admire the most.

Lene because she makes creations I can only dream of doing.

Kine because her stuff is….different.

Wendy because of her teaching I now know what I have, where I have it and why I have it in the first place.

Now – let me see the seventh photo in your seventh folder. Or you can simply enjoy the Easter holiday.

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1 Response to 7×7 tag…

  1. Lain says:

    Thank you for playing! I love the photo. 🙂

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