Now I am worried…

…because I had this grand plan…

After I had finished the LOMclass and reorganized my albums,  I would move those albums to my brother`s home. That`s were we come together and I wanted to give everyone access to the pictures. This was a good plan. Until this evening. I have used the AC 3-ring albums. After trying the WRMK page protectors I decided to make a switch. I love how that turned out.  But, now I can`t fit that many pages inside one album. I started out with 4 full albums…


…I am just saying; before I am finished there will be 8 full binders. So – what to do now? I did plan to change from the AC-binders to WRMK leather albums. Before choosing colors I wanted to ask my brother if they could live with the lime green and pink in their living room, or if they would prefer all brown or black. It seems like I have to ask if they have enough room. Honestly I did not see this coming. Maybe I have to rotate the albums? Or I could slow down the production? I can see that I need to make some decision here.

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1 Response to Now I am worried…

  1. KristiGilbert says:

    Hi! I linked to this blog from Wendy Smedly’s blog. I’ve been in BPS classes with you before I think. Anyway, my opinion (not that you asked for it!) is you should definitely not slow down on making pages, but instead keep some of your binders at your house and some at your brother’s and rotate them out every once in a while. Have a good day!

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