I signed up…

…for Jessica Sprague`s –  Type + Write starting today. I did not plan this, but with Easter coming up I have the time to do this. I loved her “stories in hand” class. She delivers good stuff.  And I want to take a peek into the world of digital scrapbooking. The first handout looks good and I love the digital elements we received today. (And I already finished today’s assignment).

I`m already  doing  Karen Grunberg`s class – Telling Stories Deeply – at BPS.  A great class, witch I hope she will teach again. Karen is a wonderful and engaged teacher. Her handouts are awesome. The class runs over 4 weeks and she left me behind in week 2. This is one of those classes that could run for months. Not her fault though that I`m left behind. I had to admit that translating this knowledge into Norwegian would take some more time. All the handouts are saved and I will work on this on my own. I am okay with that because her handouts are great.

On to a LOM update…



This week we are making Photo Album Scrapbooks. We learned that in Stacy Julian`s Have More Fun class last summer. I had never heard about PAS at the  time and I loved this concept. If you have lot of pictures from one event, or several pictures of the same situation over a span of time – this is a great way of honoring those memories. It is quick, fun and the choices are endless. I still have problems finding these albums in Norway. It is kind of boring to use the same album over and over again and they are difficult to alter. But – that is okay because I enjoy this so much.

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