Photo album scrapbooking…


Last week`s assignment in the LOM class at BPS was to make a PAS-album. I have made several of this since Stacy Julian`s Have More FUN class last summer. They turn out cute, they are fun to make and making them don`t take much time. Just one problem – the albums are hard to find in Norway.


This is a 1-up album with 100 pages. When I was filling my binders I was looking at 200 pictures from last summers vacation at Viva Bahia – Majorca. For years we didn`t  bring any camera, but looking through my category drawers I found several photos given to me through the years. We have been staying at the same hotel almost every year between 1993 – 2008.


I did not put the pictures from last summer into my binder. Mostly because there were few pictures of people – just the surroundings. The  few I had of us, I put into my category drawers. The rest I placed in a box labeled – ideas for mini albums.


100  pages.60 photos. 40 journal cards. I did not make this chronological. I wrote what came to me and found a picture to go with the story. Now I am ready for tomorrows assignment.

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