Our May Baby…




One more baby to scrapbook for. I am so lucky.

Not so much scrapbooking these days. In the moment I wrote that – I could hear Stacy Julian`s voice. She says that everything you do with the photo is a part of scrapbooking. And she is so right about that. To enjoy the photos popping up on your screen, fresh from the camera, is the best part of this hobby. I can loose myself in those happy  eyes looking back at me.

Now, crazy me had to enter Lain Ehmann`s challenge LayOut A Day -May 09. May is a crazy month for me at work, but this challenge is so much fun that I had to join. I have made a back up plan though.  I have not done anything with the photos from Christmas and New Year and I have room left in my Christmas journal – 6×12 album. That is a good format to work with for the crazy days of May.

LOAD May 09

Come to think of it – I also joined Cathy Zielske`s class at BPS – beginning May 14. Maybe being a little crazy is okay.

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