Load May – 09…


Day one…


I had a hard time finding inspiration to get creative today. Thanks to Jessica Sprague`s class last night I finally got going. But, I would not have thought of doing this layout without Alijoyc. She was the first one to post in the Load challenge gallery at Flicre today. She made a beautiful layout using the same inspiration. That is the best thing about Load, you find so much inspiration looking in the galllery.



And I bet this girl has grown this last week…

It has been a beautiful day with no work. Celebrating our rights as working people. Having a job is a good thing today. And the svineflu, now called the A-flu,  has been detected in Denmark. That does not worry me. Only – I haven`t had the flu since 1983, and one of these days it will be my going down.

It is also 20 years since my father died. That does bring out a lot of happy memories. Looking at that happy little girl helping her grandfather working in the garden points me to a happy little boy, her dad, helping his grandfather in the garden.

Dad and Jan - 27 years ago - in the same garden.

Dad and Jan - 27 years ago - in the same garden.


It is all about makeing connections like Stacy Julian has been teaching us in her Library of Memories.

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