When doing the Load Challenge…

…you have to use every moment you have to get that layout done. Today I take advantage of a long lunch break. Lain`s challenge today was to document the daily chaos in our home. Hm… sure there is chaos in my home, but since I am the only one creating chaos in my home I do not feel any need to document that. 🙂 Besides – I might have done that already – more than once.

Instead Lain`s prompt inspired this…

These two are waiting for the arrivel of the new baby...

These two are waiting for the arrival of the new baby...

We have a very exiting month ahead of us. The new baby at the top of the list. There is something wrong with the baby, but the doctors are confident that it will be easy to fix. And we all trust them to do just that. Because of that, the baby will have to be born at St.Olav`s in Trondheim and the mom has to go in early because of the distance. I guess dad will need a hand with Elin and Kristian. We don`t worry about that – because we have a GRANDMA…


And behind the camera we have Elin Marie. This we have to endure tanks to sticking the camera in theire face all the time. Sometimes they want to be on the other side.

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