I woke up to this note…

…on my desk this morning: To do> Clean your room ! Did I do that? No. I kept messing it up. One thing though, I did not toss the note so I can leave it on my desk again tonight. Once again I did a quick page for the Load challenge today. I still have room left in my Christmas journal album and a lot of photos from December. I have them all in my storage albums, but I don`t plan to scrapbook any of them. Some will be used to fill up the Christmas album, some will be filed under different categories in my drawers and the rest will be put in cold storage. ( When the time is right).

I spent most of the day browsing for blogs with art journaling. I found this amazing Norwegian blog:http://blomstrendehverdager.blogspot.com/ . I really loved her work and it was nice to see that she had found inspiration with another girl I have admired for a long time:http://www.kellyraeroberts.blogspot.com/.

Me – I have no idea what I am doing, but it`s sure fun to play along.

10 -love x


These two are more than ready to see their mother tomorrow ..

10-kristian and elin x


Linda left for Trondheim more than a week ago and I guess it has been a long week for mum to be without the kids. Hopefully there will be a birth before the week is over. A little bird did say something about pushing a little…

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1 Response to I woke up to this note…

  1. Sasha says:

    amazing play along take .. lOVED It .. so much ..

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