New baby and no photos…

How do I feel about that? I am a little hurt. I am a little pissed. And I know someone who is walking very close to the edge of my last will and testament. That`s okay – someone prefer the life on the edge.

edit; Thanks. You are back on the list. 🙂

It`s a cutie!

It`s a cutie!

What else? The Library of Memories class is coming to an end. These last weeks we are supposed to work from our categories. The system is new to me, but I feel that I already have covered the different categories and I know how to work the connections you find along the way.So I am not inspired to work with this right now. I know this is an ongoing process and I`m up to date with my photos. Still have some work to do prior to the digital camera, but I will use the time I need to do that properly.

I am still following Kolette and Jason Hall`s yearlong class; A life Well Crafted. Kolette and Jason have a lot of wisdom to share, but right now I do find it hard to adopt Kolettes projects. For some reason I find it difficult to translate the words to Norwegian. The words and sentiments  that sounds so good in English is just awful in Norwegian. At least  in these parts of Norway. ( We hardly talk Norwegian) 🙂

I can see the end of the Load challenge. It`s always hard to hang in there at the end. Suddenly there are no photo`s, even if I got 600 new ones in the mail yesterday. There are no untold stories, even if there are hundreds of them. No paper, no sketches, no embellish, no ideas…. You just got a feeling of burned out at the end. The sad thing is to leave this wonderful group of girls. I have never found a community like this on-line before. They are just great.

Day 23 -Load May 09

Day 23 -Load May 09

Now my sister in law and I have one more thing in common- we are both “super-aunts” – or great aunts, but that sounds really old….

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