Cathy Zielske`s new class…

…with the name I will never learn. Me: The Abridged Version  – I don`t know what it means and I have no idea how to pronounce it. That don`t stop me for signing up for the class at Big Picture Scrapbooking. What ever Cathy is teaching – I want to learn. The workshop is inspired by Amy Krouse Rosenthal`s Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life. Even more words I don`t understand. But I was lucky and found the book in one my book clubs; with a uncertain delivery date…But that is okay, the class don`t start before September.

I spent most of my evening organizing my Master Project List for my new and improved life. 🙂

1-master project list

Going over every room writing down how I want to improve them. When I was done I was a little disappointed. I had expected it to be a very long list. It was rather short. So – did I sensor my needs and wants to avoid a lot of work? I think I did.  I have made new list and I am starting over tomorrow!

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1 Response to Cathy Zielske`s new class…

  1. Christy Lewis says:

    “abridged” – means a shortened version. Not the whole, entire part,but the highlights. So basically, the class is all about YOU right now, not necessarily your whole life. It’s pronounced “uh’brij’ed.” Does this help?

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