Talking about family…

…kind of hard to forget that I have a brother. How could I forget that? Maybe because he hasn`t been on the phone for three days? Maybe he is sick? Anyway, I do have a brother. Seven years older than me. That means we were both spoiled. Very spoiled. And it took some time before we were working together as siblings. Okay, it took 30 years, but you can`t work hard enough on a good thing. We might not have been friends, but I always trusted my brother to be there for me if I needed support.



After one week of dieting I stepped on the scale this morning and …yes, 5lbs down. I know – first week luck and all, but it do wonders for the motivation. After yesterday`s horrible dinner I had more luck with today`s menu…

13-ww menu

Delicious! Well, you can`t go wrong with baked potatoes, ham, corn and pesto.

I am resisting the work out. Is it possible to get the bikini to fit without working out?

13-not this Monday

At least I want points for taking them outside.

13-not this monday

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