Money in the drawers…

…who would have thought that I would find money in my kitchen drawers. Even after the clean out I just had?

19-money in the drawers

Almost three dollars a piece. The things we are willing to pay for…I will just leave them in the drawers – waiting for the right patina and for the value to increase.:)

This has been one on these Sundays – the strong feeling of being completely exhausted after a really hard week at work. I have made some layouts for my BPS class and I have made the tag book for Cathy Zielske`s class The Abridged Version starting in September. Normally I would have used a note book but this was a nice and easy thing to make today.

19-ready for cathy Z

I finished Jessica Sprague`s free class and I am ready to register her next class in brushes starting in August. Registration starts tomorrow. Brushes is fun and Jessica is such a great teacher.

I also spent time on the writing assignment in Susannah Conway`s e-course; Unravelling. I can`t give away what is going on in this class. That will take the fun out of it for those who wants to take the course later. The surprise in what`s coming next is half the fun. There isn`t much drama in my past life so this is not so hard for me to do, but taking a honest look at your self is hard enough. Being a part of this journey with this great group of women is very special and I can`t wait for tomorrows assignment.

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