Me found…

…no journal wreckers, but a slightly wreckt journal…

1-wreck 2


1-wreck 1

…and a dreamer…

1-wreck 3

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13 Responses to Me found…

  1. Hybrid J says:

    Simply lovely journal! 🙂

  2. rowena says:

    I particularly love that bright red YES!

  3. magpie says:

    delightful internal monologue – would you consider writing the script for mine????

  4. gemma says:

    Lots of dreamers here!!!!

  5. kim says:

    Many beautiful dreams!

  6. Grammy says:

    That is awesome. I love what you did. Happy wrecking.

  7. YES to DREAMS everyday!!!!!!!!!!!!! It looks like you stomped out those negatives pretty darn hard too. Good for you!!!


  8. Sharon says:

    Great wrecking! And Yes! to dreaming!

  9. Lisa says:

    Love the shoes stepping on, or over, any negativity!
    Dream on, wreck star.

  10. This is beautiful! Are you on a journal wrecking journey?

    Fellow Unraveller here, stopping by to say hello!

  11. Kristin says:

    very interesting!! Love the YES 🙂

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